Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lesson 32: Speak Good English (Using idioms in expression)

Here are 25-0dd sentences that will help you grasp how idioms help us in our speech.

*If your invitation still holds good, I'd like to visit you this summer with my family.

*We got to the theatre in good time, so we were able to have sandwich before the play began.

*Just because he has been promoted and is a big cheese at work, he seems to think he can boss us around at home too.

*Don't use bad language here. If you must swear, save it until you are outside! (use bad words or taboo expressions)

*In my first job I had a very difficult boss who gave me a real bad time.

*My son flew to Delhi last week and I haven't heard from him yet.

*Since he got his books published he's been altogether too big for his boots. It's time someone taught him a lesson.

*What's wrong with her? She cut me dead in the bank this morning. (Cut someone dead=ignore completely, treat as if someone doesn't know him)

*I got stuck on the inside lane of the motorway and the traffic was dead slow for 15 minutes.

*I have been showing the new guy how to use the computer but it's like flogging a dead horse. He simply can't remember which key to press.

*Our plans to go to America fell flat when father had to go into hospital.

*No the children are in deep sleep. I don't want to wake the children.

*His face is always so deadpan. I never know whether he is in a good mood or bad one. (expressionless, dull)

*Sorry we're late. We had a flat tyre on the way here.

*Why don't you take a short holiday? It would do you good.

*Thank goodness that's finished--and good riddance! I've never had such a tricky report to write.

*The schools have been hard hit by the state's cut in spendings.

*He drives a very hard bargain so don't be too sure about persuading him to accept our terms.

*You'll have to speak up. He's rather hard of hearing. (partly deaf)

*Grandad won't drink coke. He sees to think he'll get high on it.

*She's riding high at the moment. After all, she's just been promoted and is expected to be made HoD within a year.

*Her train leaves in an hour and she's still packing so she's all hot and bothered.

*Trade has been very brisk today. We've near had such a good day.

* I'd like to go back there one day--for old times' sake.

*I need someone to help me fix these shelves. 'Ask Bob, he's an old hand at that sort of things'.

*Father had a short temper, so I was seldom really naughty as a child.