Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lesson 32: List of 65 words to speak good English

English is a rich language that has tens of thousands of active words. But you don't need them all, at least in the beginning. You should first be able to speak. First, you should be able to know the basic and most important words that are required to build a good vocabulary. Later you can go to dictionary and find hundreds of words.

Here is a list of 65 words that you need to describe people. These are adjectives which describe properties. If you understand the meaning of most of them, you will not find much trouble. Any average person with a little effort can learn these words.

Argumentative, Adorable, Adaptable, Accessible, Bawdy, Cranky, Creepy, Cunning, Chatty, Determined, Domineering, Egoist, Finicky, Fidgety, Fretful, Greedy, Gullible, Gentle, Humorous, Honest, Hot-tempered, Handsome, Irrational, Inquisitive, Ignorant, Incompetent, Inspiring, Jolly, Jittery, Kindhearted, Lazy, Learned, Moody, Narrow-minded, Nervous, Naughty, Outgoing, Over-rated, Pleasant, Protective, Pretty, Quarrelsome, Rude, Rebel, Ruthless, Shy, Snappy, Snobbish, Sensitive, Sincere, Shallow, Squeamish, Submissive, Spritual, Trustworthy, Talented, Truthful, Talkative, Upright, Unusual, Vivacious, Vulgar, Whimsical, Wise, Youthful, Zealous et al.

Few examples:

There are people who know they are wrong but will insist that they are right: Argumentative
They are good at work but get undue praise either due to luck or the way they present their work to others: Over-rated
They try to subdue and bully others: Domineering
Inquisitive: Curious

You know many people on whom some of these words will fit. Just try to identify them with these words.

Now, if you are in a doubt, just refer to dictionary. But the caution is that you should first master the above-mentioned words and start using them in your speech and make your brain accustomed to them. We are not saying that these are the words most necessary for a learner but they are selected after a proper research and as per the need of the English speaking person. So, do practice. We will meet later.