Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lesson 29. Conversation about food and health

X: I hope you are ready to eat tonight.
Y: Ya, I am feeling well now.

X: The food looks good, isn't it!
Y: The curry is always excellent in this hotel.

X: Do you always drink coffee with your meals?
Y: Not always.

X: Do you generally drink tea at breakfast
Y: Yes I do.

X: You look very pale today.
Y: I feel rather dizzy and have a terrible headache.
X: May be you are catching cold.

X: You went to the doctor today, didn't you!
Y: Ya, I go once a year for a checkup.

X: What did he say.
Y: He said my health was good.

X: Have you put on weight recently?
Y: I probably have.

X: Maybe you don't get enough exercise.
Y: I really don't but I am careful about eating.

X: Haven't you gotten a little heavier?
Y: Ya, I think I have.