Friday, August 03, 2007

Lesson 27: Car repair conversation

X: My car won't start.
Y: Press the starter button.

X: Nothing happens when I press the starter.
Y: Then your battery is dead.

X: Could you help me for a moment, please?
Y: What can I do for you?

X: Could you look over my radiator?
Y: I'll check it after I help that other man.

X: What's your brother doing?
Y: He's fixing the motor of the car.

X: Could you look over my car?
Y: What's the matter?

X: Well I don't know.
Y: I can look at it now if you can wait.

X: Could you change the left tyre, please? It is flat
Y: Certainly. Do you want us to fix it too?

X: Would you please?
Y: We'll have it ready for you tomorrow morning.