Saturday, August 11, 2007

About us [Spoken English Blog]: Why this blog?

Lots of people want to learn English but despite putting in their best efforts these guys are unable to do so. The main reason is that they have learnt English from texts that mainly have the bookish English which has nothing to do with practical spoken language.

That's a major problem for the learners of English, as they are not made to talk and English is not their mother tongue. They don't get the environment around. And they try all ways but fail as Coaching classes and institutes that promise to turn you conversant in the language in 3 months or 100 hrs are mostly useless.

Some people know high words but are unable to express themselves when it comes to the use of daily vocabulary, which comprises of barely a few hundred words but is necessary for you to know in order to converse. People also get baffled by grammar and once they are into it, they are lost.

They don't know who they should ask? There is also a factor: Reluctance. They hesistate asking from others. This is what prompted me to start this site. Your feedback is always welcome. I On this blog you will find free lessons, conversation and tips on how to speak English.

So best of luck.