Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lesson 19. About Schedule, Time, Travel Programme and Tour

Will you be at home tomorrow evening?
Will you be at home the day after tomorrow?
Will you be at home next Tuesday night?
When will Raja arrive in the City?

How long will you be away?
Probably two weeks.
Have you made all the arrangements?
Didn't your parents get back last night?
Didn't your brothers get back the week before last.

Ujjawal, how long have you been here?
I have been here for three months.
How often do you get here?
I get to this city about twice a year.

Didn't your friends leave the week before last?
Yes, They left just two weeks ago.
Will they get back next week?
Yes. They will arrive a week from tomorrow

Did Ali get back last week?
Yes, he got back on Tuesday.
How long was he away?
He was out of town for five days.

When did Atul arrive in town?
He flew in last Friday.
And Ali has been here sine last Friday afternoon too.
Both of them plan to leave the day after tomorrow.

Were you at home last night?No but I was at home the night before last.
Will you be at home tomorrow night.
No, but I will be at home the next night.

Will they get back next week?
Will they get back a fortnight from now?
She was out of town for quite a while.
She was out of town for a couple of months.

They are going to instruct you tomorrow night.
He is going to visit you on September 30.
We are going to invite you the day after tomorrow.
He is going to assist you next month.