Monday, September 11, 2006

Lesson 18: Talking about food at restaurant

Thi s is lesson on how to order food at hotels, restaurants and eateries, talking about food, having lunch, breakfast and dinner. These are important conversations and once you are able to learn them, it will surely do a lot of good for your confidence.

Hi, Kris, how are you?
--Fine dear.

What did you have for breakfast?
--I had eggs, coffee and some porridge.
How did you have your eggs?
--soft-boiled, as always.

How about a cup of coffee?
--That sounds good.
I always enjoy cofee after work.
--I like it best in the morning.

Would you like to have an orange?
--Thanks but I don't think so.
Fruits are good for you.
--I know, but I had an apple about an hour ago.

John, where did you have your lunch today?
--I had it at the newly opened restaurant with Raj.
Did you have a good lunch?
--Yes, I had choumein, rice and vegetables.

You do know any good eatery near our office?
--Ya, there's a hotel over there. Didn't you eat before we left?
Yes but I am hungry again.
--Well, I am still digesting my lunch.

I'd like to order breakfast?
--What can I bring you?
I'd like coffee, scrambled eggs and toasts.
--Ok, I'll bring the coffee first.

Please give me an egg sandwich.
--Would like it on wheat bread or white?
White bread, plase, With sauce.
--Sure, here it is.

I'd like idlis first and coffee later
--Do you want cream for your coffee?
Yes, cream but no sugar.
--I'll bring the idlis right away.
How much do I owe you?
--Rs 85.

What did you order?
--I ordered a sandwich and a cup of coffee.
What kind of sandwich did you order?
--A vegetable sandwich.

Could we have a table for five?
--There's a nice table right there by the window.
May we also have the menu right away?
--I'll get the menu immediately.

Would you care for some Mughlai biryani?
--No, I'll have steak.
How do you like your steak?
--I'd prefer it medium rare.
Would you like to have soup?
--Yes, Creamed onion, please
Mashed, boiled or french-fried potatoes?
--I'll have French Fried.

What vegetables would you like with your dinner?
--Carrots please and corn with cream sauce.
What kind of dressing do you want on your salad?
--I believe I'll take Russian dressing tonight.

Would you like to order a dessert?
--What kinds of pie do you have?
Peach, lemon cream and apple
--I'd like lemon cream, please