Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lesson 14: General Conversation

X: Did you go to the airport to receive your relatives?
Y: Ya in the morning. They came from Nigeria.

X: US! They must have flown to Mumbai and from there taken a train to Delhi from where they must have taken a flight.
Y: They arrived by 1136. The flight was late by two hours. Actually the flights were not operating on schedule owing to pilot's strike.

X: Everybody is tired of the strikes and bandhs. Do they come to Gauhati often.
Y: At least once a year. And now lot of people will be dropping into meet them. Everybody is excited.

X: But don't forget we have to go to party today?
Y: Where shall we meet?

X: Shall we make it 7 at the library.
Y: Sure, I'll pick you up from your house.