Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lesson 13: Looking for some object/something

Harry: What are you doing there?
Tom: Dad I am studying.

Harry: Where is your mom?
Tom: I saw her go to the dining room.

Harry: Is she having her breakfast?
Tom: No. She has already had her breakfast. Can I help you dad?

Harry: Actually I've been looking for my lighter.
Tom: It's not with me. I have not seen it. Have you seen it Susan.

Susan: No I haven't. Tell dad to check the cupboard.
Harry: Everything gets misplaced in this house. Anyway I must be off to the office.

Asking address

Who are you looking for?
--I would like to meet Mr Khan but I find the gate locked & all doors shut.

Don't they live here.
No they don't.

--Have they moved from here?
They moved last month. Now the owner is moving in today.

--Does he live far from here. Could u direct me to his place?
It's near Capital Petrol Pump.

--Is the phouse a walk-up.
No, you had better go by atuo. Actually I have also been thinking of popping in at their new house for a chat.

--Do you mind joining me then!
No not at all. My pleasure. Do you mind waiting for 15 minutes? Let me change my clothes. Please come in and sit down. I'll hurry up.

Would you like something to drink?
--I shouldn't mind tea. It's very cold today.

I can offer you a coffee, if you like.
--I don't mind as long as it is hot.