Friday, June 30, 2006

Lesson 12: Phrasal Verbs-1

A.Could you please put the fan/AC on?
B. Have you heard this CD, I will put it on.
A. Sorry to put you off again but I am too busy to see you today. (I don't have time to see you)
B. Ok we can put it off until next week.

A. Everything looks so bad here.
B. Oh come on, lighten up, you will make all of us feel equally miserable.

A. I hate him. I am not going to speak to him ever again.
B. But what's the problem?
A. Well, it's difficult to say.
B. Come on, spit it out.

While going out, we always find it hard to decide what to put on.
Her favourite dress is thegreen one and she always asks me to help her do up the zip.
We wrap up well while going out in winter and I put a coat on my shirt.

Did you read the morning papers?
I looked at the papers but didn't read them.
How do I get to your place coming from the capital?
You will just have to look out for the sign, Flushing Meadows and turn to the right.