Wednesday, May 17, 2006

General Conversation

L 11. Taking a trip by jeep

Naved: Are you taking a trip today?
Rashid: Yes, we're going to Istanbul.

Naved: How far is it from here to the coast?
Rashid: It is 30 km
Naved: How long does it take to get there by jeep/car. (Bold: Sequence is important)

Naved: What's the best way to Cannaught Place?
Rashid: The National Highway 22.
Naved: How much longer is that way?
Rashid: About 10 km.
Naved: Is there a place to eat there?
Rashid: Yes a couple of eateries are there.

Ashish: What's a good hotel in this town?
Shirish: Jehan Numa Hotel is quite good.