Wednesday, May 17, 2006

General Conversation about Travel

L 10. General conversation on a visit outside: About travelling in taxi, plane and journey

X: At what time does the next train to Delhi leaves
Y: 7 pm
X: How often is there a flight to Delhi?
Y: Every two hours there is a flight and it is nonstop.

X: Can I get a reservation on the plane IC 7133?
Or Could I make a reservation for the Delhi flight?
Y: Sorry all seats are booked
X" What about the next flight?
Y" Sure. I can give you a seat on that.

X: I would like to check in for the flight to Mumbai
Y: Fine, can I see your passport and ticket. X: Sure
Ismail: How long you will be in Lucknow?
Asif: I will be here about two weeks.
Ismail: Where are you going to stay?
Asif: I am staying at Burlington Hotel.

Khan: I would like a single room, please
Clerk at the counter: Do you want a room with an attached bath.
Khan: Do you have one and what is the charge?
Clerk: It is 350.

Salim: I have a reservation for a room here.
Manager: Yes. You're in room 25 on the second floor
Salim: Can I take the elevator over there?
Manager: Yes, and turn left when you get off the elevator.