Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lesson 9: About illness, ailments and diseases

X: What are you doing for your headache?
Y: I took a pill
X: Did you speak to any doctor?
Y: No, actually my friend advised me
X: I again warn you, self-medication is dangerous
Y: Don't worry, if I don't feel better I will surely consult a doctor

X: I have a terrible toothache
Y: Toothache can really be bad, I know
X: Lying down might help it too. I have taken a medicine already but it is not working too much.
Y: You should go to bed

X: What's wrong with you?
Y: I have broken my finger and even injured my knee.
X: Yes, injury in the winter hurts more
Y: Sunil also hurt his shoulder. We were together when the bike skidded.
X: Yes I saw the scratches on him.
Y: Mercifully the bones were not broken
X: What about your fever and sore throat?
Y: It's fine now. Just when I had barely recovered, I got into this.

Ravi: Why are you lying down at this hour?
Joseph: My toes are sore. Even the legs are hurting.
Ravi: Should you have played so much football?
Joseph: I know, I overdid myself.
Ravi: Resting might help. And do things gradually, don't rush yourself into the sport just because the vacations have begun.
Joseph: Right sir. Now enough of sermonising, Push off.

Above are conversations about illness. Like when you fall sick, you are down with fever or have sore wirsts or chest or legs, suffering common cold or got injured. These are the basic things people talk about. So it will not be difficult. The next part will be on a visit to the doctor.