Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lesson 8: Asking about way and address

X: Excuse me
Y: Yes, Can I help you?

X: Can you tell me how do I get to this address?
Y: Let me see it. Ok, get bus number 13 from the next stop and get off the bus at Capital Petrol Pump. There you can ask anybody and they will tell you the exact location.
X: How far will I have to walk down after getting off the bus
Y: It's just a few steps. In fact, you will see the billboard on the road itself
X: Thanks a lot for your help
Y: That's fine

X: Which is the next stop?
Y: The bus will stop at Khan Market now
X: Actually I am new to the city
Y: No problem
X: Can you just tell me how far this bus goes and will it take me to the Gandhi Market
Y: I think it goes that far and even outside the capital. But you better cross-check with the conductor

X: Does the taxi go to Jawahar Chowk
Y: I am afraid the taxis don't go that way

(The above lesson is about general conversation when you ask someone about showing the way, asking about the bus stop during travelling in a city. Rest you can do it just be confident)