Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lesson 7: Talking about time, reaching somewhere early or with delay

1. Are we getting late?
2. No I don't think so
1. But my watch suggests we are late
2. We will take short route if you are so worries

1. Hey, Ram isn't here yet
2. See he is coming
1. But it is six fifteen already, he is always late
2. Come on, he is just 10-15 minutes late

Sajjad: I am afraid we're going to be late
Ramesh: How much is there left?
Sajjad: We have got about 20 minutes
Ramesh: That's enough, we can get there on time
Sajjad: Actually I just don't want to reach late today
Ramesh: I know, we have been getting late almost daily
but today will be a different day
Sajjad: Hopefully, we can get to the office on time.
Urdu/Hindi: (Ummeed karte hain ki aaj hum waqt par office pohonch jayenge)