Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lesson 5: Conversation on telephone

1: Hello, Could you please give me the number of Red Rose School?
2: Can you tell me the location of the school?

1: It is near the India Gate
2: Just a moment please.

1: Can I speak to Mr Taylor?
2: Wait, I am transferring it.

1: May I speak to Mrs Johns?
2: May I know who is calling?
1: It's her friend, Jesse
2: Let me check if she is around
1: Tell her its urgent, I am holding the line

1. Hello, Is it Dr Patel's residence?
2. No it's not, what number you have dialled?
1. 9899998998945
2. Sorry, that's wrong number

Above are a few sentences that can help you in making telephonic conversation. We will keep on posting practical tips that will help you in improving your linguistic skills.