Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lesson 3: Conversation in English

Question: Where have you been? Or Haven't seen you much lately

इतने दिल से कहाँ थे, नज़र ही नहीं आये

I have been tied up with extra work
I had lot of work to do
I was busy
You see I have had a great deal of work to do
I had much work to finish

बस कुछ मसरूफ था/ काफी काम था/मैं मशगूल था/ मेरे पास बेहद काम था/मुझे काम खतम करना था

X: Where have you been
Y: I was away
X: I thought you were in England
Y: I got back two days ago (Urdu/Hindi: Main do din pahle wapas aaya)
Or I returend two days ago
Or I returned this Friday

कहाँ रहे भाई इतने दिन/मैं बाहर था/ अच्छा मैं समझा कि मुल्क के बाहर गए हो/ अभी दो रोज़ पहले तो लौटा हूँ/ इसी जुमे को लौटा