Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Financial matters: Borrowing and lending

Lesson 6: Borrowing and Lending money/ Financial transaction

1. Can you you lend me Rs 500 (Kya tum mujhe panch sau rupaye de sakte ho?)
2. Sure, why not
1. Actually I desperately need the money
2. I understand but how long will you take to return
1. In a week. Let my salary come and the first thing I will do is to return your money
Did you get the money?
-- Yes Rajesh gave me.

Salim, Can you lend me Rs 100
--The last time you borrowed money from me, you took a year to return
It is just a question of Rs 100
--OK, But I don't have change.
You give me Rs 500. I will return all
--What a joke. First bring the change and then take Rs 100.
[Above are few sentences on how to borrow/lend money]